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CodonCode Aligner License Server

We have 15 licenses of CodonCode Aligner for Windows and Macintosh for use by members of the IMBI and the Department of Biology. To use Aligner, you'll need to download and install the new version of their software. Please contact Biology Computing Support if you have any questions with installation, and please remember to quit Aligner when you're not using it since Aligner ties up one of our keys while it is running.

Download and install Aligner software :

Please note!  After installation, you will need the following information when you run the Aligner software for the first time:

When you launch the Aligner software for the first time, it will attempt to find the department's License Server to check out one of our 15 license keys. If it can't find the License Server, it will give you an option to run in demo mode or to specify a License Server. Don't run in demo mode - instead, click the button labelled 'Use keyserver' or 'Use license server'. Aligner will then prompt you for the "DNS name or IP address of your License Server." Our License Server's DNS name is  and its IP address is . You should be able to enter either the hostname or IP number of the License Server to get aligner to work with our License Server.

If you want to use Aligner from off-campus, you’ll need to activate your IU VPN connection on your off-campus computer before launching Aligner. For details on VPN installation and use please see The basics of VPN at IU.

If you need help:

For installation problems, contact Biology Computing Support:

For problems using Aligner (importing data, annotating, etc.), contact Lawrence Washington: